Ooh La Banana Games

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 19 April 2019

  1. We do not collect any data about you. Not your name, your email, your location, cookies - nothing. We don't need any of this information to provide you with our apps.
  2. The Apple App Store collects the cost of the app for us, and we do not get any details around that transaction, other than someone, somewhere bought a copy.
  3. If you have chosen to do so, your device will send us crash reports (this has never happened). These crash reports are sent through Apple, and contain no personally identifiable information.
  4. Except as above, no third parties are involved in any interactions you have with our apps.

In short, we hope you enjoy our games, and we love to get ratings and reviews, but beyond that we don't want or need to know anything about you.

Happy gaming!